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We believe in reducing our environmental impact. And yours.

Rossdale is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO).

We support and have a commitment to reducing environmental impacts of packaging to our customers and where possible, the packaging of our products, both with our own brands and our imported brands.

As part of our commitment to APCO, our initiatives have been:

Maximising the use of packaging which is fit for reuse.

Where boxes cannot be reused, using any used boxes received from suppliers as shredding for filling customer boxes.

Using packaging for customer orders which is suitable for recovery and recycling and avoiding unnecessary disposal.

Reusing and recycling pallets from incoming deliveries.

Reviewing future packaging against the sustainable packaging guidelines (SPGs).

Minimising the amount of materials used for packing orders.

Communicating with suppliers about our initiatives to see where they can use sustainable packaging on products.