Tintoretto Round Brush – Series 1407

Traditional brush with a redefined design for the modern age. It possesses the most advanced features under every aspect. Realised with the collaboration and precious technical support of the professional watercolourist and illustrator Felice Feltracco, these brushes are conceived especially to satisfy the extreme needs of modern watercolourists: remarkably thin tip, high colour retention, appreciable elasticity for the return of the tip. Unlike traditional squirrel hair brushes in natural quill, series 1407 is 100% Cruelty Free, since the ferrule is made out of plastic material and the fibres are completely synthetic. Moreover, the handle is realised with a special varnishing which enters the wood, making it waterproof, estranging it from the typical breaking and cracking of the surface, also anti-slip for more grip on the handle in order to guarantee maximum precision.

Traditional round brush, Kazan squirrel synthetic fibre. Transparent plastic ferrule. Short wooden tumbled black handle, waterproof.