Sculpey Jewellery Design Templates


Quickly and easily cut out shapes to use in your jewellery creations! Reusable, flexible, transparent material allows for easy positioning on your clay design before cutting.

• Six sheets of templates that will make creating jewellery pieces quick and easy!
• Wide range of DIY: 64 trendy, unique shapes in different sizes, allow you to make a large variety of unique jewellery pieces!
• Templates come with both the positive and negative pieces of each shape
• Template size – 6.5” H x 2.75” W (16.5cm H x 6.9cm W)
• Easy to use: these reusable templates can be placed on flat clay and cut out shapes using a variety of tools – knife tool from the 5 in 1 set, a needle tool or a clay blade.
• Transparent material to allow for easy positioning on your clay design
• Made from durable polypropylene material – washable and reusable