Sculpey Mold Maker


Unlock the power of replication with Sculpey Mold Maker, an essential tool in the world of clay creation.

Simple 1-Part System: User-friendly system follows a straightforward threestep process: Condition, Mold, Copy. It’s as easy as that!

Swift Mold Creation: Create molds in a matter of minutes, allowing users to dive right into their clay creations without delay.

Precision Replication: Achieve exact replicas, down to the finest of details.

Polymer Clay Compatibility: This compound is fully compatible with polymer clay, making it an ideal companion for clay projects. Create consistent and precise clay pieces with ease.

Extended Working Time: Mold Maker won’t harden until baked, giving an extended working time to perfect molds and ensure they meet an exacting standard.

No Shrinkage, Easy Demolding: Experience molds with no shrinkage and exceptional flexibility. Demolding becomes a breeze, thanks to the flexibility of Mold Maker.