Montana Try Out Cap Set 10pc


The Montana TRYOUT Cap Set is an all-round cap set that enables users to try a variety of caps and their characteristics. Consisting of ten different caps, the assortment has caps that offer varying spray outputs from skinny, fat, rectangular and round. Apart from the Level Cap system which is optimised for use on Montana GOLD, the TRYOUT CAP set can enable
graffiti artists, street artists, urban artists, DIYers, Crafters and practical object painters all to experiment with different potential spray trajectories that all fit on female valve cans. Making them prefect for use with Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK and Montana WHITE cans to name a few.

The caps featured in the TRYOUT CAP set are; Fat Cap Gold / Black, Fat Cap White/ Pink, Flat Jet Medium Black / Yellow, Flat Jet Red / Black, Skinny Cap Aerosol Art, Skinny Cap Black / Black, Skinny Cap Maclaim, Skinny Cap White / Beige, Soft Cap Grey / Blue and Needle Medium Liner Cap Red / Transparent. The Montana TRYOUT CAP set, something for everyone.