Kuretake Bimoji Fude Display 50pcs


Bimoji: Beautiful Lettering. Designed to imitate the aesthetics and weight of the traditional calligraphy brush.

Dimensions: 290 x 180 x 360mm

10pcs XT1-10S – Bimoji Fude Extra Fine BLACK
10pcs XT2-10S – Bimoji Fude Fine BLACK
10pcs XT3-10S – Bimoji Fude Medium BLACK
10pcs XT4-10S – Bimoji Fude Large BLACK
10pcs XT5-10S – Bimoji Fude Brush Pen Medium BLACK
The Bimoji Fude Display also comes with FREE trial pens, cup to hold trial pens and testing pad.

Please note that the pen hang sell bags are all in Japanese.