Amaco Claycrete Papier Mache


Claycrete is an exceptionally white papier mache that’s easy to prepare and model. Pure white and dries white. It’s easy to prepare, easy to model, very economical, and exceptionally white when dried at room temperature. Finished projects are very lightweight. Claycrete® is non-toxic, comes in powder form, and mixes with water to form a paste. Shake the closed bag first to thoroughly blend the ingredients before using. When in paste form, it is modeled or applied over an armature. Claycrete starts setting up in 30 minutes, then detailed modeling can be done. Additions will stick to the form without any problem, because it will cling to any clean surface, but will not stick to the hands. 1lb/454gm of Claycrete will make 97.5 cubic inches of solid material.

1lb/454gm Bag