Product Description

The special qualities of PanPastel means that they can be mixed, layered and applied “dry” making them ideal for applying realistic weathering effects quickly. PanPastel Colors adhere well to most surfaces, yet can be removed easily if required.

Great for applying realistic weathering effects & colour to: Military Models, Action Figures, Railroad Models, Scenery & Layouts, Miniatures, Structures

PanPastel Colors are a quick and easy way to add colour and weathering effects to your models, for example: general wear & tear, scorch marks, battle damage, exhaust marks, oil streaks, shading, dust, soot.

PanPastel offers a quick and easy alternative to popular weathering techniques: Sanding & filing pastel sticks to create powders can be a messy and slow process, however now, with PanPastel Colors the modeller can instantly apply pastel colour to get realistic weathering effects straight from the pan. Compared to airbrushing PanPastel is quicker, simpler and much more forgiving, as PanPastel colour can be removed or changed until the desired results are achieved (prior to fixing with a flat finish).

Available Sets: Rust & Earth, Greys Grime & Soot, Scenery.