Product Description

These luscious artist-grade oil colours are made with pure pigments and only the finest refined linseed oil. The fast-drying FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors enable painters to take their paintings further and faster than ever before. The mediums are formulated for safety and permanence, and maximize artistic freedom.

Greys: Payne’s Grey, Portland Grey Light, Portland Grey Medium, Portland Grey Deep, Portland Cool Grey, Portland Warm Grey.

Radiants: Radiant Lemon, Radiant Yellow, Radiant Red, Radiant Magenta, Radiant Violet, Radiant Blue, Radiant Turquoise, Radiant Green.

Whites: Cool White, Warm White, Titanium White, Titanium Zinc White, Flake White Replacement, Zinc White, Quick Dry White, Radiant White.

Blacks: Black Spinel, Mars Black, Ivory Black, Van Dyke Brown, Chromatic Black.