Product Description

Block Printing Kit – Essentials

This Block Printing Essentials Kit includes everything you need to begin your first steps into relief printing. This kit provides the essential tools and materials that you need to create your own prints, including easy-to-carve SoftCut carving blocks and an innovative safety cutter which are both ideal for beginners

Block Printing Kit – Kids

Have fun and learn about block printing without the need for sharp tools with the Essdee Block Printing Kit for Kids. The kit includes 6 sheets of deep PrintFoam, an ink roller, a tube of premium quality block printing ink, an ink tray and a pencil for drawing and engraving. The kit contains all you need to create colourful artwork including posters, montages, greeting cards, gifts, decorations and more. The water-based printing ink and washable ink tray make it easy to print and clean up.